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Jindo ferrry inccident

I got this message this morning from one of my really good friends. I was heart broken to hear what had happened to him and his family. I can’t imagine what he and his family are going through right now. Even more so I can’t imagine having to fight the government while dealing with something so tragic and something that could have gone very differently if the proper actions had been taken in the first place.   The government is being untruthful about what happened, and the families and survivors rights to move about the country freely and their right to freedom of speech are also being impeded.

Let’s pray for the families and the victims of the Jindo ferry incident and PLEASE share this with your friends and let them know what is really going on here in Korea.


"Shanelle I’m really sorry it’s really early in the morning but may I ask you something? Do you know about the ferry accident in Jindo? Unfortunately my aunt was on board…So I’ve been waiting for the body of my aunt for 5 days, but she is still missing and yesterday I was so upset about the Korean governments’ attitude toward the victims, so I want to tell you the truth and ask you to share this with your friends."


My friends all around the world please listen to this and share it.

I am a family member to one of the victims of the ferry disaster in Jindo. Since the captain of the task force team who caused this disaster didn’t explain the situation to the passengers or the rescue plan properly and instead hid himself, we the victims and families of the victims were going to go to the Blue house (the office of the president) yesterday at dawn to offer our opinion directly to the Korean government. Before going to Seoul a meeting was held to discuss what would be presented at the Blue House. At that time one of the policemen pretended to be a parent of one of the victims and joined the discussion. The policeman then called the police office to inform them of our plan, and what would later take place at the Blue House. At that time one of the parents realized he was a policeman, the policeman finally admitted he was not a victim’s parent but an officer. After receiving the officer’s tip, the road from Jindo to the mainland was blocked. We were not allowed to leave Jindo, and we were unable to protest. I really cannot understand this situation and nor can I understand the Korean governments actions towards the incident, the victims, and the victim’s families.  So please share this video and let the truth be known all over the world about what is really happening.

YouTube에서 Angry South Korea Families Protest Over Slow Ferry Rescue - 20 April 2014 보기 -

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